photo by  Jay Adams  (  SURVIVE DETROIT )

photo by Jay Adams ( SURVIVE DETROIT)


Marlo Broughton (born 1987) known professionally as MARLOBRO, is an American pop artist and designer. Who got his start by working with his cousin and founder of Detroit VS Everybody by Tommey Walker and linking up with members of Finally Famous which ultimatly lead to working on mixtape artworks and branding for  Big Sean's early indie career. 

He began as a graffiti artist, moving on to studying industrial design at WSU (Wayne state university), and now makes acrylic paintings on canvas and large scale mural paintings. He also collaborates commercially, predominantly on promotional materials, and also clothing, music production and other forms of branding. 

His work is exhibited in galleries, outdoors in local and international environments, you can find his work displayed on 1XRUN, PLAYGROUND DETROIT, MURALS IN THE MARKET and avidly collected by individuals. He lives and works in Detroit, Michigan.